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The Holocaust was funny.

2011-05-11 21:19:43 by IFuckingSuck

I wish more Jews died though.

Damned negroes.

2010-12-19 03:45:30 by IFuckingSuck

I hate them.


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fippity fip fap


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Stranger: hey asl?
You: f
You: but i used to be m
Stranger: tranny?
You: lolye
Stranger: o well
Stranger: im 16 m
Stranger: haha
You: lul
Stranger: you like gettin fuck?
You: yessss
Stranger: how bigs are your tits
You: huuuge
Stranger: damn
Stranger: i would like to fuck you
You: lets cyber
Stranger: kk
Stranger: how big is your dick
Stranger: Lmfao
You: lolololol
Stranger: thats kinda gay
Stranger: but w.e
You: lawl
You: i don't has dick anymoar
Stranger: oo
Stranger: thats sexy then
Stranger: how much did the operation cost you ?
You: over 9000
Stranger: damn
Stranger: but you are sexyy haha
Stranger: are you like a prostitute or nahh
You: fuck meee!!!!!!!
Stranger: okk
Stranger: you have a pussy right?
Stranger: :PP
You: lolye
Stranger: suck my cockk
You: lolk
Stranger: while i play with your big tits
You: it tastes gud
Stranger: mm
Stranger: yes deep throat that 8 inches
You: i lurv it
Stranger: i like your tits
You: fuck me!!!!!
Stranger: ok
Stranger: what position
You: doggy
Stranger: ok bend over
You: *bends*
Stranger: ass ?
Stranger: or pussy
You: http://images.encyclopediadramatica.co m/images/5/5d/Hello.jpg
You: fuck me in my goatse
Stranger: wtf is that shit
You: DO IT
Stranger: ok
Stranger: its tight tho right
Stranger: doesnt look nasty
Stranger: ?
You: lolololol
Stranger: i have a feeling
Stranger: hmm
Stranger: you are a trll
You: lolwut
Stranger: ok w.e
Stranger: lmfao
You: obtw
You: i have a dick
You: you just fucked a guy
You: that makes you gay
Your conversational partner has disconnected.


2010-10-16 15:59:02 by IFuckingSuck

http://tessatheslut.com/?id=h192rrk0jl 115z8f2t0tk6gmy99at6


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chek dis out lol


Weed is not harmless

2010-10-08 21:01:17 by IFuckingSuck

It is indeed quite harmful, and should not, under any circumstances, be legalized.

hai guiz

2010-09-18 13:53:43 by IFuckingSuck

im new hurr lolol